where rose goes(W)

Saturday, April 16

Practice makes perfect.

I find the beautiful ribbon flowers on Youtube.
Try to make one.
Here it is.

I dyed the ribbon .Compare before and after.

Saturday, April 2

Craft Stamper E-Zine The best of 2010

It's great for me to get  the  Craft Stamper E-Zine  cause I can't buy the magazine here ,the only way I can get an issue is to subscribe online .

The e-zine contains twelve of the best projects from 2010, as chosen byreaders.
It’s available to download  FREE of charge for a period of six months.Pop along  HERE  to get it.
 Also the Craft Stamper blog offer a prize.

Sunday, March 13

2011 Handmade calendar -Jul.Aug.Sep.Oct.Nov.Dec

I completed the 2011 calendar,finally.
Some tear  paper tape on this page.

This page is added purple gillter gel on those dots.

This page is colored with gel pen (Sakura Gel Roll-Aqualip)

Tuesday, February 22

2011 Handmade calendar -May.Jun.

A quick post to update my blog.
The third page of the calendar - 3 done ,3 to go.
Keep going.

Wednesday, February 16

2011 Handmade calendar -Mar.Apr.

Time flies,can't find time to do my craft work!!
Try to catch up-2 done ,4 to go.

Friday, January 14

2011 Handmade calendar - Jan.Feb.

I  make my own calendar this year.
Here is the first page. 2 months on one page.

1 done.....5 to go!!
Printable calendars are avaibable below:
Cat - Splitcoast Stampers (this is the one I am using)
There are  TONS of 2011 Printable Calendars here in all shapes and sizes.